King Fahd Mosque, Sarajevo, Bosnia

Sarajevo is the capital city of Bosnia and the largest town of the country. The total population of Sarajevo is around 370,000 residents. The towns surrounding Sarajevo has a total residents of around 610,000 persons. It is fenced with the Alps known as Dinaric and it runs along the river which known by the name Miljacka in the center of Southeastern Europe and the Balkans.

Sarajevo is the main place in Bosnia which is well known for cultural, political, science, arts of Bosnia Herzegovina and it has impact in the region of its education, media, fashion, music etc. This is the reason why Bosnia Herzegovina is taken to be the largest center of development and plays an important role in the region. This city is famous for assortment of different religions which happens to be present for centuries. Because of the rich cultural and religion presence in Sarajevo, it is also sometimes termed as the “Jerusalem of the Balkans

King Fahd mosque is the biggest mosque as far as the capacity is concerned. It can accommodate around 1,500 worshippers in the main hall and at the time of important occasions its capacity is increased by another 850 people who can offer prayers in the yard which is built within the premises.

The mosque has been funded by the Saudi Arabian government in Sarajevo which is the largest mosque in the Balkans and it is important that it attracts people because it has been constructed after five years of the agreement.

The mosque has one Dome which is 20 meters high and its outer diameter is 18 meters. It also has one Minaret which stands at an height of 48 meters. This mosque has all the facilities that a mosque is required to have.















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