Istiqlal Mosque, Otoka, Bosnia

This mosque has been given to Sarajevo, Bosnia as gesture of goodwill and brotherhood from the people and the government of Indonesia. The name of this mosque has been taken from the mosque in Jakarta, Indonesia which signifies the close bonds of friendship and good brotherly relations between the two countries. This mosque has been constructed in the city of OTOKA, a city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Istiqlal in Arabic means Independence. This could also be taken as gift of Indonesian people and Government on the Occasion of the independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Some people call it by the name “Suharto Mosque” while others also call it “Indonesia Mosque”. This mosque was gifted to Bosnia during the rule of Suharto Regime.

Apart from the regular daily five times prayers, Fridays and Id congregations, the mosque also play an important role in giving Quran lessons not only for children but also arranging classes for adults.  It also arranges social gatherings such as “NIKAH” ceremonies of Muslims, but also as cultural center, where people could gather to discuss Islamic matters as well as their personal problems with their friends and well- wishers.

The Indonesian President Suharto paid an official visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina in March 1995 and showed keen interest in building a big mosque in the city of OTOKA, as gesture of goodwill, brotherhood and well- being for the people Bosnia. The President of Bosnia was pleased to accept the offer. The Indonesian President immediately appointed a well- known Indonesian designer Fauzan Noe’man to prepare him to start work on this plan. The appointed person had vast experience of planning, designing and constructing the mosques because he had done this job for many mosques.  In 1998 the government of Suharto was ousted from power, which act had sabotaged the process for a little while. But soon this project was restarted and completed in 2001.

The mosque is the beautiful example of the modern style of planned construction, which consisted of stainless-steel works, glasses, and windows in the forefront of the mosque and beautiful arches. The outer portion of the mosque was built with white tiles while the mosque from inside was ornamented with wooden carvings of the Indonesian style carvings especially the windows’ frames, Mihrab, Minbar,

The area of the mosque is 2800 square meters and is considered to the largest mosque in Sarajevo and people could distinguish it from other structures in the area. The dome of the mosque has been built in copper color. The size of the dome is 27 meters high and similarly 27 meters in Diameter. The dome has three large size openings to allow enough light to enter the mosque, so that artificial lights are not required during the daytime. Two minarets are built on both sides of the entrance. The top of the Minarets and the dome are decorated with three sphere-shaped high-points with interstellar and hemispherical on their highest point.





Mosque Istiqlal In Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina







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