Great Mosque of Brussels, Belgium

The Islamic and Cultural center in the capital city of Brussels is in the well-known park called Cinquantenaire Park. The Grand mosque of Brussels, which is the oldest mosque in Belgium is also located in this park.

The design of the mosque was planned and drawn up by the famous Belgium architect Ernest Van Humbeek in the stylishness of the Arab culture to construct the oriental area in the Belgium capital, Brussels as far back as 1880. The mosque and the Islamic Center were not given due attention as far as maintenance was required, which resulted in the weakening of the mosque and the Islamic center. This happened in the 20th century

The king of Belgium had gifted a place to the then king Faisal Ibn Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arab when he visited Belgium, so that the Muslims living in Belgium could construct a building to offer their religious duties. This had also become necessary because the Muslim population was growing fast and they needed a place where they could gather on Fridays and other important Muslim festivals

The mosque was reconstructed with the funding of Saudi Arabia and it was completed in 1978 when the then King of Saudi Arabia, Khalid Ibn Abdul Aziz inaugurated the mosque. The plan was drawn by the Tunisian architect BOUBAKER.  At the inauguration ceremony Baudouin was also present.

The premises have a school and Islamic research center which creates awareness about Islam among the Muslims and the non-Muslims. The management also arranges lectures both for adults and children so that they can implement the Islamic sharia in their lives.






Big mosque Brussels


Big mosque Brussels

Big mosque Brussels


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