Ferhadija Mosque, Sarajevo, Bosnia

Ferhadija mosque which is famous with other names is a famous architectural structure in the Bosnian City of Sarajevo which was constructed by the then governor of SANJAK-BEY named Ferhad-Beg Vukovic. This mosque carries one big dome on the top of the main prayer hall with three trivial domes over the arches. This is considered to be the extreme accomplishment of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 16th century by the then rulers of those times as far as the design and finish of the mosque is concerned. The mosque was designed and was completed in 1561.

The mosque was surrounded by the School, public kitchen, Drinking fountain and fountains.

 This mosque reproduces the beauty of the period when domes and minarets were built in the structures of the mosques constructed by the Ottoman Dynasty. All the domes were plated, in 1917 with steel in case anyone tried to harm them may fail to do so. The mosque was completely damaged during the Serbian attack on Bosnia  The research carried out on the inner decoration of the mosque revealed that the painted walls inside showed that the walls were painted in different styles and design since the mosque was built. The research carried out in 1964-65 disclosed that the very first time the mosque’s inner walls painted in the 16th century related to the Rumi Ornament which resembled to the same pattern in the other mosques.

The second layer revealed that the walls were decorated with floral colors while the walls painted third and fourth time  disclosed that they were painted in the 18th century and the in the 19th and 20th centuries.




4 Ferhadija Mosque, Kujundžiluk, Baš?aršija, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina




Ferhadija Mosque, Kujundžiluk, Baš?aršija, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

view of the Ferhadija Mosque from hotel room in Sarajevo


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