Faizan-e-Madina Mosque, Peterborough, England

This is the largest mosque in England. It was constructed at a cost of Pound sterling 2.5 million. It is based in Peterborough on Gladstone Street. The mosque has been built to accommodate three thousand people at one time. The Muslims lived in the area where this mosque was brought up since late 50s and they offered prayers at the detached houses in different congregations.

The construction of the mosque has made entirely through donations by the local Muslim Society persons.  This is one of the big five mosques in Peterborough. This mosque is situated in the residential area of Peterborough so that people can get to the mosque easily and at little distance without any hassles to offer their prayers. The prayer hall is very large and the people who visit the mosque are astonished to see that the prayer hall was extremely spacious and that beautiful chandelier was hanging in the center of the hall.

People are very impressed by the decoration of the walls which are covered with the verses from the Holy Quran. The management has made special arrangements of the guides to explain the features of the mosque to those who visit. The Mehrab is also beautifully decorated with the verses from the Holy book Quran. The mosque has been provided with seven clocks at different places.

The people who visit the mosque are very much impressed when they see the washing area by its tidiness and its layout. This area is mainly used for ablution before the people start offering prayers.

The most astonishing thing is that there is no call given for prayers on the loudspeakers, but the call is directly given to the houses through radio link, so that the neighboring community may not be disturbed by the loudness of the call.

 There are separate areas earmarked both for ladies and gents, as there is no concept of mixed gathering in ISLAM. The dome of the mosque is 30 meters in diameter from the outside and the color of this Dome is green. This is considered to be the biggest Dome in England.

After a very long time the people of Peterborough got an opportunity to offer prayers in the purpose built mosque.
















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