Ali Pasha Mosque, Sarejevo, Bosnia

This mosque was constructed in the memory of Sofu Hadim Ali Pasha, who was the then governor Bosnia Eyalet of the Ottoman Empire, who died in 1560. This mosque was conceived and was built in 1560-61.

This mosque is considered to be the most beautiful mosque not only in Sarajevo but in the whole of Bosnia. This mosque is considered to be the example, because many non-Muslims became Muslims. Unfortunately more than 50% are Muslims in Bosnia but regrettably less than half of them practice Islam. This mosque is simple but most beautifully planned and constructed

At present this mosque is at the point where there is great noise and pollution and a lot of disturbance to the people who come there to offer their prayers. It is now located at the most busiest entry point to the city where many noisy vehicles pass by every minute. It is not simply satisfying to see the mosque from outside and appreciate its beauty, but one must bother to go inside the compound and appreciate its beauty especially of the stones that are old and still look fantastically eye catching.

The prayer hall of the mosque has a dome on its top in the Turkish fashion usually seen in the mosque built during those days in Istanbul. It has three minor domes which cover the monastery. This has been built in proportion to the domes usually built in the mosques that have been constructed in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Within the compound of the mosque there is a place for two tombs which carry the dead bodies of Avdo Sumbul and Behdzet Mutevelic who both breathe last in 1915. The mosque under caption was badly ruined during the Serbian onslaught in the 1990s battle in Bosnia especially the domes were badly hit by the Serbian forces. The Ali Pasha was refurbished in 2004 and 2005 when the government declared to preserve the national memorials including the Ali Pasha mosque as a national heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina.











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