Star Mosque, Bangladesh

This mosque is known by the name “STAR MOSQUE” because it is decorated with blue star all around. This mosque is in Dhaka in the area of Armanitola. The mosque was constructed on the orders of Mirza Golam Pir in the first half of the 19th century.

This mosque was originally built with three domes, but later it was completely refurbished by a rich business by using expensive and beautifully designed tiles of various colors of different patterns. Ali Jan, who renovated the mosque spent extravagantly on beautifying the mosque and for this purpose he imported  tiles from Japan and England with the intention of giving a fantastic look to the mosque both from inside and outside. .Two additional domes were added to the mosque in 1987 on an extension to the northern side keeping in mind that the appearance of the mosque remains unaffected.

The mosque was originally built with three domes and five entry points. The front side of the mosque has three gates to enter the mosque while on the northern side and the fifth one on the southern side. Out of the three domes the central dome was bigger in size while the two side domes were smaller. Ali Jan, a businessman again renovated the mosque in the 20th century by adding a courtyard. This mosque is an exemplary example of chinitikri mosaic built in outstanding   blue star mosaic. This is how the mosque came to be known as “STAR MOSQUE”.  Another extension of the prayer hall and the addition of two more domes came into existence, with the help of Archeology Department. The courtyard was laid with China Clay tiles by using dual approaches of chinitikri and solid colors. They also used cut clay tiles and made different designs of different colors using white dressing. The cupolas and the exterior are decorated with different colored star designed clay tiles

The floor of the mosques is decorated with Chinitikri design of tiles in different patterns of glassy slates. The Mihrab and the doors are beautifully ornamented with flower designs. The design of plants is again seen on the interior of the courtyard walls.

The Mosque was renovated in the early 20th century which was again financed by the businessman, Mr. Ali Jan and a new courtyard was constructed in the eastern part of the mosque which was ornamented with Chinitikri work,  pattern built with shattered china ceramic bits. This Place is the example of Chinitikri pieces of mosaic ornamentation, very rarely seen in the present times. The Bangladesh Ministry of Religious Affairs appointed a two member commission to extend the prayer hall and build two new Domes, which were completed in due time period. The domes and the exterior surface are decorated with star shaped china clay in different colors.

















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