Sixty Dome Mosque. Bangladesh

This is a mosque built in Bangladesh city of Sunderban forests in the 15th century. This place was located by a saint whose name was Khan Jahan Ali. The exact place is Bagerhat district. He preached Islam and has the privilege of building more than a dozen mosques in this area during the rule of Sultan Nasiruddinn Mahmud Shah. The foundation of the mosque was laid in 1442 and was completed in the year 1459. This is how it took 17 years to complete. This mosque served the purpose of a prayer place for the Muslims as well as the Madrasa and the assembly hall where people gathered to discuss different problems of the area and their individual matters with one another. This mosque has been declared a World Heritage Site by the United Nations organization known as UNESCO.  This mosque is considered to be the most impressive mosque in the whole of the sub-continent

The town where this mosque was built is about 200 km from the main capital city of Bangladesh, DHAKA, in the District of KHULNA.  The town is known as Bagerhat.

The sixty dome mosque is built with thick walls in the Tughlaq design and the roof of the mosque is like a roof of a hut which shows that this roof was rebuilt in the later time. The mosque measures 160 feet by 108 feet in length and breadth. There are 77 dome arranged in seven rows of eleven domes each and the four domes on each corner of the mosque.. There are four Minarets on each corner. The front Minarets are used to give the call for prayers.  Internally the mosque is divided into many sections with the help of arches and these arches are made to support the roof of the mosque.

The big prayer hall has been provided with arches in the East, South and North for airing and light which looks very sober and gentle.

In the Bangla language ‘Shat Gumbaj Masjid’ which is taken as sixty Dome Mosque. As stated above there are 77 domes on the top of the prayer hall and sixty stone pillars which support the domes.












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