Munshibari Mosque, Comilla, Bangladesh

The Munshibari is a town in the district of Comilla in Bangladesh. This place was occupied by the Munshis who came to settle in this area in the early 18th century. The Munshi family originally migrated fromTurkey and other Middle Eastern countries.  These families somehow managed to collect land revenue from the local inhabitants.

The Munshibari family started business in the field of jute with the British East India Company. In order to establish themselves in the area they started developing the area with the establishment of schools, mosques and other constructions which are still intact.

The mosque was completed in 1891. The initiative to build the mosque was taken by the elder family member whose name Abdul Hamid Munshi. The Imam of the mosque then started calling people to offer prayers and in this way the mosque also arranged Friday congregations regularly.

The construction of the mosque was commenced by the local people which clearly depicted Islamic way of design. The hall of the mosque had a mihrab, where the Imam stood to lead the prayers. They also made arrangement to build the minber from where the Imam delivered the Friday sermon. This mosque was also equipped with the room for the scholars who lived there for research in the field of Islam. The small management of the mosque also facilitated the students by providing a library in the prayer hall.









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