Momin Mosque, Dhaka, Bangladesh

The Momin mosque is situated in Pirojpur, Bangladesh. The design of the mosque has been developed in such a manner that it has been completed with wood and without the use of nails. The main participants in its construction were carpenters and Arabic script writers.

A rich person in the area of Burirchar, Momin Uddin Akon started its construction with the labor force of 20 which was completed in seven years. The archaeological section of the Bangladesh government announced that this mosque is a national legacy and took the responsibility of its up-keep and conservation. It was renovated in 2008 by the department of the government but this resulted in a change in its look.

The idea of building a mosque came to the mind of Momin ud din when he had to travel on foot quite far away to offer his prayers. He started building the mosque with bricks, but soon realized that the hole in the neighborhood was built with wood. He abandoned the idea on constructing the mosque with bricks and employed 20 workers and entrusted them with the task of erecting the mosque with wood.  He travelled far and wide to learn about the design and architectural theme of building the mosque. For this purpose he had started learning Arabic language, Islamic calligraphy. The whole mosque was planned, designed, layouts and colors by Momin himself.

The mosque was badly damaged in the last two three decades when the grandson of the original founder of the mosque started creating awareness, by writing articles in various newspapers and magazines to preserve the mosque.

The prayer hall of the mosque is rhombus in shape measuring 7.47 by 3.55 meters size. The wall of the prayer hall is 15 cm thick fully made of good quality wood.  One can enter the mosque from the east where the door is made of two panel door. The mihrab is made facing the QIBLA. The prayer hall is built on a raised platform.  The roof of the mosque is supported by six wooden pillars in length which are five inch thick on all four sides and similarly three columns of the same size made of same quality wood covering the width.











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