Khamis Mosque. Bahrain

The country,  Bahrain where the first mosque which was built during the rule of Umayyed Caliph, UMAR II was Khamis mosque.  Other sources differ in opinion . Their version is that the mosque was not built in the period of Caliph UMAR II but in the later period. Originally this mosque was planned and built which had one Minaret. Later another Minaret was added to the mosque, which was, according to writers about two hundred years later. These are identical minarets of the mosque and are much visible on the sight as you travel on Shaikh Salman Road in the town of KHAMIS

In this region of the Arab countries, this mosque is reflected to be the oldest mosque which according the scholars were built in 692 AD. Some scholars differ in the dates of its construction saying that it was built in the 11th century. This mosque has been rebuilt not once but twice during the period 14th and 15th centuries when the minarets were built.

The mosque’s first and original structure had a prayer hall with a leveled roof which is maintained by wooden pillars and it came into being in the 14th century. Later on in 1339 another flat roof was built with the support of arches made of thick stonework pillars.

The Mihrab of the mosque was found in the 12th century AD. There are Quranic inscription from SURAH XXI verse 34 and 35. The mihrab gives the direction of QIBLA where the Imam stands and leads the prayers in congregation.












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