Darasbari Mosque Dhaka, Bangladesh

This is one of the historic mosques in the Bangladesh capital Dhaka built in 1479 during the rule of Shamsuddin Yusuf Shah who ruled the country during the 7 year period starting from 1474 and culminating in 1481.

The mosque is in extremely bad condition without roof and there is no one to look and maintain it. The mosque is typically Bengali style mosque from the very beginning. Although the mosque was built of red bricks which was very good looking and stylish in those times, but the carelessness of the people of the times thereafter, the mosque’s maintainenace has been totally neglected due to which the roof of the mosque has been broken and the verandah has collapsed.

The name given to the mosque was provided from the Darasbari because there is a Madrasa in the vicinity of the mosque.  The mosque comprises of two pieces of construction that is a verandah in the East as you enter the premises and a room towards the West which could be called a prayer hall. The mosque has been laterally divided which makes its way from east to west. The original plan of the mosque design had many domes built on the prayer hall, but as the time passed many have been destroyed mainly due to non-attention towards the maintenance of the mosque. These domes could be retained if proper care had been taken. The mosque has first floor built situated in the most North West corner and can be approached from the stairs which are in the outer skirts of the main mosque.

There is a difference of opinion on the use of the first floor. Some researchers are of the view that the first floor was built for ladies while others opine that it was exclusively for the members of the ruling elite.

The interior and exterior of the mosque is one of the finest decorations to be found in the region. The outer walls are adorned with different patterns made of earth or mud as some people may call. The interior of the mosque has been made of bricks with different styles and designs such as roses, flowers etc. As the time passed the inner and outer walls have lost their attraction, because as stated earlier, no one took care to maintain and protect the structure of the mosque and so was the case with the internal and external decoration.











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