Choto Shona Mosque, Bangladesh

The name of this mosque, if translated into English means “Small Golden Mosque”. The mosque is in Nawabganj area of Bangladesh and at a distance of approximately 3 km and 0.5 km from a place called Kotwali Gate and Mughal Tahkhana respectively in Firozpur Quarter.

The construction of the mosque was ordered by Sultan Hussain Shah in 1493 which took 26 years to complete and was ready in 1519. The mosque is well maintained and kept in good condition by the Archeology and Museum Department of the Bangladesh Government. The mosque, with 15 Domes, got the name because these domes once slithered, but this slithering does not exist anymore. The mosque’s length and breadth are 42 meters by 43.5 meters. The mosque was built with a boundary wall with the entrance in the center. This boundary wall does not exist now.

The mosque is a quadrangular building with 82’ x 57’ x 20’ dimension of the outer space of the construction while the inner dimensions are 70’-4” x 40’-9”. There are four minarets of the mosque with two extra minarets to support the mihrab from the backside. The front of the mosque is decorated with Rajmahal black stone at the outer skirts of the mosque. These stones are fixed up to the point from where the domes start.

The domes are beautified by fixing the best class carved stones on the interior and exterior walls. Local [people of the area mention that this historic mosque was ornamented with slithering and golden color

The important decoration is in the front courtyard which has been finished with mosaic of blue and white colors of irregular patches which look extremely attractive. To the east of the entrance a platform has been built with two tomb made of stone with verses from the Holy Quran and few names of GOD.

The beauty of the mosque has been ruined, but the remains that are available at the site are still most good-looking for the visitors.
















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