Chawk Mosque, Dhaka, Bangladesh

The mosque was built by Subaider Shaista Khan in 1676, in the Chowk Bazaar in the old city of Dhaka. This is also a three Domed mosque similar to the previously three domed mosques built by the same ruler in Mitford Hospital compound area very close to the Bunganga River  .This mosque is constructed on an a elevated stage. This mosque is now converted into a multistoried building. Some of its rooms are rectangular in figure, probably to be used for the Imam of the mosque and the schoolchildren who studied at the Islamic school established in the mosque. The original style of this mosque has been put in the background while the new design is more prominent because of renovations carried out many times over the years since its inception.

The remains of the three domed mosque is still there on the raised plinth on which the mosque structure stands. The dimension of the raised base is 28.65 meters from north to south and similarly 24.38 from east to west. The mosque’s beauty is highlighted by the three pointed arches drawn from the four centers. There are three archways supported from all four sides. These archways located in the eastern side of the mosque. On the top of these archways are built half-domes. Matching to the three eastern entrances there are three mihrabs constructed inside the stockades. The mihrab in the center has partial eight sided appearance with its adjoining matching part have a quadrangular shape. The floor of the mosque is renovated and made of beautiful colored marble.

The mosque from inside is divided into three sections. The center portion is square in shape while the sideways sections are rectangular in design. The central section of the hall has a larger dome on its top while the two sidelong. The mosque has been expanded by building a prayer hall just above the central hall on the ground floor, which highlights that the central dome is bigger in size than the two sideways domes.

Since the mosque is constructed at an elevated platform, the basement formed due to this is rectangular in shape. Part of the basement is being given to shopkeepers and some portion is being used for lodging purposes. This mosque is a classic example of Residential Madrassa Mosque.












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