Beit Al Quran, Behrain

This Beit-ul-Quran was started in 1990 in the city of Hoora, Bahrain.  It is also known by the name “House of Quran” where Quran and other related subjects regarding Islam are taught.  It is a full-fledged complex which houses an Islamic Museum which is said to be the most up to date and well known Islamic Museum in the world.

The plan for this Quran complex was under preparation since 1984 and was finally inaugurated in March 1990 by Abdul Latif Jassim Kanoo. This complex contains numerous complete and most valuable books of Quran and other rare documents. The most unique thing about this museum is a vast collection of Quranic manuscripts which were the personal property of Mr. Kanoo, who is well known for gathering such copies. As the time past and the manuscripts increased, he felt obliged to gift these copies of Quran and other scripts to this museum, because he believed in serving and promoting the Quran and other teachings of Islam. This is considered to be the complex which is first of its kind in the world, which contained rare copies of Quran and other related documents pertaining to Islam.

The whole complex has been financed by the general public of Bahrain, the different heads of States and Government, the school children. The services of this complex are free of cost for the general public.

The museum has Quranic manuscripts not only from Bahrain, but also from many other countries in the East and the West.

The complex includes a mosque, Madrasa, a library, an auditorium based on 10 Museum Halls. The timings of the museum are from 9 am to 12 pm and 4 pm to 6 pm. It is open from Saturdays to Wednesdays. The Prayer Hall of the mosque has a large dome of stained glass. The Mihrab which indicates the direction of Qibla is adorned with blue earthenware tiles which have been engraved with Al Qursi Quranic Verse.

The library consist of 50,000 books most of them relating to Islam. The management has provided separate cabins for people who wish to use the library for research purposes. The library is open during working hours for the general public. Many of the books in the library are of International importance. The books and other related material are in Arabic, English and French languages.

The auditorium of the complex has a seating capacity of 150 people where lectures and conferences are arranged. Guest speakers are not only invited from within the country butt are also invited to deliver lectures from western and other countries of the world. The hall is available to the other organizations and societies who wish to arrange lectures and conferences.

The Museum is housed in a two storied building with 10 halls where one can find very rare manuscripts of Quran and other Islamic literature which dates back to first Hijri which is 700 A D. The documents which are placed in the museum were collected from Mecca, Madina, Damascus and Baghdad. These scripts are preserved by a special procedure in order to save these most important copies of Quran and other Islamic literature from damaging. There are two most novel copies of the Quran, one which was published in Germany in 1694 AD and another Quranic translation in Latin which was translated in Switzerland in 955 AD. The other most important Quran manuscript in the Museum of Historic Importance is the one written during the reign of Caliph Hazrat Oosman ibn Affan is also displayed in the museum.













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