Bagha Mosque, Rajshahi

This is a beautiful mosque in the area of Rajshahi in the city of Bangladesh. It has its own design for which the architect had made special efforts to make it a piece which could rightly be called State of the Art design in the days when it was constructed in the 16th century. This mosque is still being used and well maintained by the management of the mosque.

The exact place where this mosque is situated is Bagha, a village about 25 kilometers in the southeast of district Rajshai. It is enclosed in a compound whose boundary walls are built with blocks. This mosque is well known in the area and many people come to offer prayers and appreciate its design and its decent maintenance.

The mosque was built during the tenure of Sultan Nusrat Shah in 1523 A.D. The mosque is crowned with ten Domes and the interior of the mosque has been marvelously decorated.  The Domes of the mosque were uprooted long time back. The mosque was reconstructed to give it an original design as was envisaged by the then ruler in the year 1523.

The two entrances from where people enter the compound are made of blocks and today it is under the control of Archaeology Department of the sitting government. The building is in the quadrilateral shape evaluating 26.35 meters by 12.86 meters. The main hall is separated into five portions with twin lengthwise anchorages supported by black strong columns.

There is a arcade for the women to offer their prayers if they come to the mosque. This place is situated at the extreme end towards the northwestern side of the mosque.

The mosque is built in such a fashion that there is special arrangement made for the natural light to enter the hall through big openings in the form of windows. The mosque is decorated from inside with three well finished mehrabs in the western corner of three anchorages in the southern region and the strategy on the distinct side of the wall.

The mihrabs are supported by pillars with attractively incised arches which are marvelously beautified with different figure works

The walls of the mosque shows most inspiring carvings made of beautiful flower patterns in combination with designs portraying different fruits. The mosque is well known as a beautifully decorated mosque in the area.

The most attentive feature of the mosque is an additional prayer room built on the higher dais, assumed to have been constructed expressly for the ruling chief of the area appointed by the then ruling Sultan. This raised podium is based in the North West corner of the mosque.

The strangest thing about the mosque is that the details which were fixed on the entrance has been shifted to Pakistan and are placed in Karachi.












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