Bad Voslau Mosque, Austria

The majority of the Muslim community came to Austria to settle down as permanent residents in the early 1960s from Turkey and Bosnia. There are many people from Pakistan and Arab countries. There are, according to the census of 2010,  7% Muslims in the whole of Austria. There is a small town with industries and other business activities where most of the Muslims are stationed, probably in the wake of their jobs. There are Muslims staying in all the areas of Austria, although their number is much smaller than the local residents.

The Austrian government is unique in its behavior with the Muslim Community because it had recognized Muslims as a separate community after the Austro-Hungarian occupation of Bosnia and Herzegovina which was in the year 1878. The government has permitted the Muslim society to prepare the Muslims, studying in state owned educational institutions to teach Islam to their Muslim students.

Bad Voslau mosque was established about 4 years ago. This is the most famous place where Muslim society people gather, especially during the month of Ramadan

The mosque management is much appreciated during Ramadan because the arrangements made by it for Iftar and dinner are excellent. This is evident that many people come for Iftar and dinner not only from other countries but also from the next door areas, when they could break the fast at home, yet they prefer to break the fast and have dinner in the mosque with other Muslim brothers and sisters.











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