Agdam Mosque, Azerbaijan

The majority population of the Azerbaijan state is Muslim. This means that 99% of the population is Muslims. These Muslims, if again sub-divided into two categories are 85% are Shia Muslims whereas only 15% are Sunni Muslims. Therefore the State of Azerbaijan can safely be called a Shia State.

Most of the Shia population is Conventional Shia Muslims. Other people in the country follow Sunni school of thought. There are Salafi school of thought people in the northern area of the country. The people who belong to Salafi school of thought had a great following in the northern portion of the country. There are many immigrants who are Christians and other Muslim Groups who can practice their religion without any person coming in their way.

The under caption mosque is one of very rare places which were neither damaged nor destroyed during the conflict between Nagorno-Karabakh. This mosque was built in two years during the period 1868 to 1870. The architect or designer and under whose supervision this mosque was built was Karbalayi Safikhan Karabkhi. The design of the mosque was in accordance with the traditional design which prevailed in the region during those days. There are a few more mosques those were built in this style in the surrounding areas.

The condition of the mosque is in a very bad shape with neither inner decoration nor outer finish having been protected. This shows the negligence on the part of both the management of the mosque as well as the people living in that area. It is also reported by some quarters that the mosque was being used for keeping the cattle in the mosque, which means that the mosque was inoperative as a place for worship. When this report came up before the print media, they and the Turkish organizations started raising noise against this state of affairs.

This criticism made the government of the region came to realize in 2010, that the situation was getting from bad to verse and declared the area has been cleaned and the mosque has been renovated and was ready for the people to offer their religious duties.







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