Great Mosque of Algiers, Algeria

The situation of The Grand Mosque is in the capital city of Algeria near the Algiers Port. This mosque is known by many names. The most famous name of the mosque is “Grand Mosque of Algiers”. This mosque is the second oldest mosque not only in the capital but also in the whole country of Algeria. The oldest mosque of the country is Sidi Okba Mosque. This mosque was built during the rule of ALI IBN YUSUF. The minarets of the mosque were constructed in 1332 and the designer and planner of these minarets was Ziyyanid Sultan of Tlemcen. During the French rule in 1840, the street where this mosque is situated was rebuilt which resulted in the addition of the external portion of the mosque.

The location of the mosque is in the important Kasban area near the harbor and next to the chamber of Commerce office in the northeastern part of the city. During the French rule this area was known by the name Rue De la Marine which no longer exists after independence of Algeria from the French rule. The mosque is now supported by number of pillars and arches after its reconstruction took place.

The mosque has a four-sided verandah measuring 38 x 46 meter. According to the information available the mosque was structured in 1097 while the minaret in the north western corner came up in 1332 by ALI IBN YUSUF, whereas the corridor around the mosque was placed in 1840.

The mosque is divided into eleven sections each supported by stonework columns decorated by Moorish Arches which means sloping roofs.












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