Central Adelaide Mosque, Australia

Adelaide is a town in the Province of North Hampshire, Australia. This place, at present is very famous for the people who played cricket for Australia.

The fact is that we are here to discuss topics that are related to Muslim religion, ’ISLAM”. Therefore our main topic is Islam and the related areas.

Islam spread in Australia after the World War I when Australia and Turkey joined hands for mutual cooperation. This paved the way for the Muslims to come to Australia and settle down in this country. People who came to Australia from Turkey, apart from settling down there, they also brought the message for the Australians to know about Muslim religion, ISLAM. People started portraying the message of MOHAMMAD Prophet (Peace be upon Him) .

The Australian citizens, who were very little familiar with Islam, started taking interest in the religion which was almost new for them. They (The Australians) continued asking various questions about this religion and started taking interest. The Muslims were encouraged to propagate the message to other citizen of their country. This is how Islam came to Australia. The World War I was the most successful occasion for the Muslims to spread the message of The Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon Him).

Many Australians converted themselves to this religion and some of them became the Scholars and started preaching this religion. They not only taught Islam in the schools and colleges but also some of them became IMAMS of the mosques and led the prayers.

The mosque in Adelaide is the oldest mosque in the city which came into being in 1888, before Islam came to Australia. This mosque was built by a small group of Afghans who migrated to Australia in the late 20th century. In 1903 four spectacular minarets were erected in this mosque. People from far and wide areas gather at this mosque on two most auspicious occasions of Eid-ul Fitr and Eid-Ul-Azha. This is the meeting place for the Muslims who greet each other and many of them arrange light refreshments for those who come to this mosque. This is how people celebrate their Muslim festivals, not only in Australia, but also in other non-Muslim countries.

In Ramadan, people from far flung areas come to this mosque, especially to break their fast and have dinner with their old friends and relatives.

This mosque provides other services such as Aitikaf, funeral services, lectures, both for children and adults arrange classes for the children to learn QURAN and understand Islam so that they can lead their lives according to the teachings of ISLAM.

People gather at this mosque not only from Turkey, but Muslims of other countries also gather here to meet Muslim brothers and sisters from other countries.










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