Auburn Gallipoli Mosque, Australia

This mosque was built in Ottoman style which is well known in Auburn and its surrounding areas.  Small number of people attend the daily five times prayers in this mosque who reside in the areas which are at the walking distance or at a drive of five to ten minutes. The weekly Friday prayers in which the Imam delivers a sermon in Arabic and English are well attended by over 2,000 Muslims from near and far flung areas. This mosque is mostly used by the Turkish Muslims who are settled in this town and its suburbs, but this does not mean that Muslims of other countries are absent.

It is very famous that people who are away from the Muslim countries and live in non- Muslim states have lot of love for Islam, which is very rarely found. They are always in search of Islamic teachings because this is the place where their desire to learn and observe Islamic practices are at the peak.

The World War I played an important role in bringing Australia and Turkey close to each other. We can easily predict that Islam in Australia was spread in most of the areas of Australia by the Turkish immigrants who started coming to Australia and settling down there. They (The Turkish people) found this opportunity to spread the teachings of Islam in Australia.

The first mosque came into being at the present site in 1979 in a house. Since this was a house with rooms and the space was not enough to generate space for the congregation, therefore the inner walls were demolished to make space available for the regular five times prayers. This mosque was restructured from 1986 which was completed in 1999 to give it a present shape. This is considered to be the largest mosque in Australia.











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