King Fahd Islamic Cultural Center

This is the largest mosque in South American country of Argentina. The situation of the mosque spreads from mecca of the Hippodrome to the land next to the market area covering easy and huge in Palemo and the intercity place. This place is a lonely complex with a mosque, an Islamic school, a library. This complex also contains lush green gardens and spouts.

The Ruler of Argentina had gifted a piece of land for the Muslims living in Argentina on his official visit to Saudi Arabia. The size of the plot is said to be 34,000 square meters

The mosque was completed in the year 2000 and the plan was drawn by Zuhair Faiz, an architect appointed this mosque was the citizen of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The mosque has been designed in such a fashion that it could fulfill the needs of 1,200 men and 400 women at one time. The complex consists of a primary and Secondary school and residences which could fulfill the needs of 50 students.

The total Muslims in the country are 700,000, mostly migrated from Syria and Lebanon in the latter part of 1850s. There are two mosques in the capital city, known as Buenos Aires. The former Argentinian President, whose family had migrated from Syria, helped in acquiring the land for the complex. The construction was financed by the Saudi King which amounted to US $ 15 million. The foundation stone was laid on 7th December, 1998. The mosque was completed on 25th September 2000 which was formally inaugurated by King Fahd of Saudi Arabia and 200 additional guests from The Saudi Kingdom who attended the ceremony.

 Not too many guests were invited to the ceremony. The guests were then conducted to a room where a short time video of the mosque was shown and the facilities available in the complex. The complex comprises of a library, An F M radio station, the facility of Arabic classes and the mosque.

At the end the guests were taken round to the room where an exhibition was arranged displaying Muslim nonconcrete art where some guests were involved in looking at the books on display.

At the end of the tour the people were assembled together and one person briefed the guests about the five pillars of Islam, that is, faith in GOD, the ALMIGHTY, and the Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon Him), the second that each Muslim must pray five times a day, the third that alms must be given to the deserving persons @ 2.5% of their annual savings. Fourth, observe fasting during the holy month of Ramadan, and the fifth and the last pilgrimage to Mecca, at least once in lifetime, if he can afford the expenses.

















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