Ketchaoua Mosque, algeria

This mosque was built in the 17th century during the Divan period. It is in the capital of Algeria which is Algiers. The exact location of this mosque is beneath the CAASBAH, which has been listed in the UNESCO as an international heritage place as per the United Nations rules. This mosque is famous for Moorish and Byzantine design and attractiveness

The mosque was constructed in 1612, but during the French rule it was converted into a church in the year 1845. After the culmination of the French domination in 1962, this mosque was restored to its original position as a mosque. The most significant thing about this mosque is that the originality of the design remained intact during the last four centuries and it is considered to be one of the most gorgeous constructions of Algeria.

Ketchaoua Mosque, in Algiers, the capital of the country, is in the northern part of the city and is only 250 meters away from the well-known Grand Mosque of Algiers which is close to Archbishop’s Palace and the National Library of Algeria. Originally the mosque’s location was in the center of the Algiers city. The placement of the mosque is considered to be of strategic importance because the members of the royal family of the Ottoman rule, the big businessmen, rich people of the city lived in the vicinity of the CASBAH, where the mosque was erected.

The Mosque is of vital portion of the old times gone by of the place known as Casbah. It is included in the list of UNESCO as the World Tradition National location. The precise place where this mosque is built is at the junction of the streets from lower Casbah to the street which takes you to the five entrances to the city of Algiers. Since stated above, the mosque was converted into a church, but immediately after independence of Algeria it was reconverted into the Muslim mosque at a simple but impressive ceremony chaired by TAWFIQ AL MADANI, the then minister for Harbors.

In order to climb the mosque one has to cover the 23 steps that lead to the doorway of the mosque. This portico stands with the support of four pillars made of different colored marbles. One could witness galleries of white marble posts. The main room of the mosque, the towers and the roofs are beautifully designed in Moorish stuccowork. The two eight-sided minarets on both ends of the entry points are ornamented with Moorish strategy, giving a marvelous look.







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