Gjirokastër Mosque, Albania

This is a well-known mosque of Albania. It is built in the city of Gjirokaster in Albania.

The population of Albania is Muslims. Approximately 59% of them are Muslim, making this country a Muslim State. The second largest religion in Albania is Christianity which comprises of 17% of the total population. The remaining of the population is atheist or belongs to smaller groups. The most of the Albanian population converted to Muslim religion during the Ottoman Empire. The survey conducted by the group puts the percentage of Muslims at 80%.

Islam was spread in Albania during the Ottoman Empire in the 14th century. The resistance in spreading Islam in Albania came from Roman Catholic who resisted in the spreading of Islam. Most of the Albanian population adopted Islam as their religion by the end of seventeenth century, when most of them realized their elders had adopted Islam.

This mosque is one of the fifteen mosques that were built in Albania during the Ottoman Empire.  Out of these only two of them were destroyed and the remaining thirteen are still in working order.

 The mosque under discussion was built in 1757 in the area which is popularly known as Bazaar area.

The mosque was granted the status of “Cultural Monument” in 1973 by the Albanian government. Since, as stated above, thirteen mosques remained, but regretfully twelve of them had to be demolished due to religious ban in Albania.








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