Lakemba Mosque, New South Wales, Australia

Lakemba is a neighborhood in the city of Sydney in the province of New South Wales which lies about 15 kilometers from the business center of the city. This area is under the local government of the area.

The British origin Australian was given a piece of land which measured 50 acres which he termed as Essex Hill farm. In this area originally potatoes were grown and in the old days it was named potato Hill. This piece of land was granted to the New Australian citizen under the scheme of granting lands by the local authorities. This Australian named the Farm after his native county in England “ESSEX”.

Different people in the area were granted small pieces of land to cultivate the area and make use of their resources and expertise. In this way people renamed these pieces of land on their own, according to their sweet wishes.

The local authorities developed railway facility running up to Belmore in the year 1895 and extended it up to Lakemba and further out in 1909. This needed a railway station which was built on the private land of an Australian and in order to passify this gentleman, the authorities named this station after his chalet “Lakemba Cottage”.

In 1970 people from different areas migrated to Australia and settled in Lakemba. Since Muslims started migrating to Australia, there arose a need for the Muslims to have a place for worship. This is how the Lakemba mosque came in to existence. The settlers in Lakemba also took advantage of this situation and opened many outlets for the locals need, such as food shops, food take-away, books stores, grocery shops, and clothing outlets. This area, because of the settlers, came to be known as a small town of Muslim population.

The local authorities also provided other facilities, such as Schools, colleges, transport, commercial area and places of worship.














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