Abdul Rahman Mosque, Kabul, Afghanistan

This mosque is well known by the name Grand Mosque of Kabul which is situated in one of the market places of Kabul and is considered to be the biggest mosque in Afghanistan. The name of the market place is Deh Afghanan. The most known place in Kabul is Pashtunistan square and there was, once a famous hotel by the name ‘Plaza Hotel’. This mosque is based on a three storied building of which one of its floor is reserved for women worshipers who wish to come to the mosque to offer prayers.

The construction of the mosque was financed by the Afghan businessman, Haji Abdul Rahman, but soon after he passed away from this world the mosque was named after this business personality. The project was delayed for some reasons, but his sons continued financing the construction of the mosque and therefore, this mosque is named after the businessman. The project of the mosque was started in 2001. It has a capacity of 10,000 people to offer players at one time. The mosque also has a Madrasa and a very big library with about 150,000 books. The architect of the mosque was Hafizullah Hashimi. The mosque was ready in 2009 but its opening took place in 2012 which was attended by President Hamid Karzai and other high ranking government officials.







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