Sidi boumedienne Mosque, Algeria

The beautiful mosque is located southeast about 16 km from the center of the city.  This is a marvelous piece of state of the art technology of its period, where people come from all walks of life to witness and appreciate the beauty of this mosque.

The rooms of the tomb and the mosque were massively destroyed bur still some traces are available in some nook and corner where one can realize the artistic work that was done in good old days

The mosque was built in 1328 on the orders of Abu El Hassan. As you climb the staircase which lands into the porch and the doors built of grand cedar doors opening in the most spectacular rectangular four sided open prayer hall very delicately decorated with tiles and engraved stucco. Abu El Hassan ordered the construction of the Madrasa in 1347 above the mosque where students of Islam were taught QURA’AN, the most sacred and most respected Muslim holy book. Fortunately, in the early days of the establishment of the School Ibn Khaldun give lectures to the early students of Islam.

The mosque built adjacent to the tomb and the courtyard and the prayer hall are rectangular in shape measuring 28.45 x 18.9 meters in area. The ratio of depth is 1.5 times deeper viz-a viz breadth.  The courtyard is 13.5 x 12 meters in length and breadth. The courtyard is surrounded by galleries on the East, West and North of the courtyard.

One can enter the prayer hall from the three sides that are covered with the galleries which are 18.9 meters long and 14.1 meters broad. The mihrab is built on the extreme Northwest side of the mosque.

















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