Shrine of Hazrat Ali, Afghanistan

The place where Hazards Ali (Razes Taalha Anhu) is buried in Afghanistan is a complex of five buildings and is famously called the Blue mosque.  The central building in the complex is the last resting place of Hazrat Ali. Hazrat Ali was not only the son-in Law of Prophet Mohammad (Peace BE Upon Him), but enjoys two famous relations to the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) which are that he was the first cousin of Our Beloved Prophet  but also the last of the Khalifa of KhulafaI Rashdeen

The mosque is situated on the western side of the complex, where Muslims offer their five time prayers facing the Khana’a Ka’aba in Saudi Arabia. The complex of this historic shrine is laid out with huge gardens covered with lush green grass and beautiful flowers for people to sit and walk in these gardens.

Shia community originally believed that Hazrat Ali was buried in Najaf, a city of Iraq by his two sons and the exact place of burial was unknown to anybody. The place of burial was disclosed by Hazrat Ali’s great grandson Imam Jaffar Sadiq.

The history of the complex indicates that when Hazrat Ali was murdered in Najaf and buried there, his followers feared that his enemies may desecrate the body. This fear made them carry the body for reburial on the camel. When the camel became tired it fell on the ground at the place where the shrine was built.












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