Selimiye Mosque, Edrine, Turkey

Selimiye Mosque was designed and built by Mimar Sinan on the orders of Sultan Selim II between the period 1569 and 1575 in the Turkish city of Edrine. This period was the period of Ottoman Rule and the construction of the mosque were looked at as the historic attainment of the Sultan during that period and also the milestone in the history of Muslim construction

This mosque is surrounded by a composite area which has a hospital, school and library. The compound of the mosque has mosque, a school in which QURAN is taught, a school where the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) are taught, a room for the timekeeper and a number of shops. The school is meant to teach both Islamic as well as scientific subjects to give students knowledge about Islam and worldly affairs. The builder made an eight sided columns that were covered by the wall, while the four half domes at the corner of the rectangle which are covered by the curves right in the front.

Unlike many mosques, the architect has tried to give a new look to the mosque by designing the mihrab in such a way that one can view the mihrab from any place while the viewer is inside the mosque. Within the reach of the common man, the mosque is encircled with teaching institutions, medical hospital, reading library, kitchen, baths and shopping centers. The eight pillars that support the domes, semicircular domes are placed at the four corners.

One of the domes of the mosque was slightly damaged at the time of Bulgarian attack, by the strength with which the domes and the mosque were built survived the attack. The mark of this attack is visible near the red calligraphy on one side of the dome.

The purpose of building the mosque was to put the mosque in a distinguishing position and also to help make the city unique. As per prevailing tradition during the Ottoman Rule this mosque was also crowned with a number of domes and half domes. The main purpose of the mosque was to be a sign of unity for all people. This was achieved by the architect who put the huge dome in the center of the mosque thereby avoiding building too many small domes. Later it was revealed that the idea of a single large dome at the top of the mosque in the center was copied from the mosque in Sophia.

The architect decided that four huge minarets should be constructed on all the four corners of the courtyard to strengthen the idea of a single huge dome on top of the mosque which would provide gorgeous look to the mosque.

The interior of the mosque was simple but impressive to show humility and down to earth humility before GOD. The small lights of different colors were fitted in the windows which was a unique style so far seen in the mosques.  The symmetrical design of all interior decoration was not only admired by the public but it gave a new dimension to the Ottoman architecture.




















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