Sehzade Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

This is the master piece of “Sinan” after he assumed charge as the chief designer for the mosques in Istanbul. The date of the building of the mosque is uncertain but it is very likely that this mosque was built in the memory of Sehzade Mehmet, who was the son of Suleiman and regrettably passed away from this world at a very early age.

The courtyard is as large as the main prayer hall of the mosque, square in shape. The cupola of the mosque stands on the four columns and four semi cupolas on all the four sides of the dome. This type of support is very rarely seen in the mosques. It could be said that it is a new addition to the construction history.

In spite of the fact that the building of this mosque is not considered to be the best amongst his works, yet it could be easily said that it is the best efforts on his part and most attractive piece of design by him.

The complex of the mosque has a two tombs, an Islamic school for the children, a prayer hall and the hostel. The mosque area is 38 meters x 38 meters. The dome of the mosque is 19 meters in dia and 53 meters deep. The mosque has two minarets with two balconies attached to each minaret. The decoration of these minarets is quite different from those that were built during that time. The courtyard is covered with nine domes similar in size and are so built that they are balanced with each other. The designer has provided a beautiful fountain in the center of the complex.

The mosque has been built in the middle of the compound. The mosque has two courtyards, one outer and the other inner one. The inner courtyard has a cupola type water pool to facilitate the people to undertake ablution before offering their usual prayers. The two minarets have two galleries each which are considered exceptional in Istanbul due to their decoration in the whole of Istanbul.














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