Rüstem Pasha Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

This mosque was constructed in 1560 in Istanbul, Turkey. It is considered to be the most beautiful mosques in the history of Istanbul, but it is regrettable that very scarce number of tourists has visited this mosque.

Despite of the fact that the mosque is smaller in size, it is magnificently shaped from all sides. The interior of this mosque is so beautifully decorated with some of the delicate tiles of different colors which were never ever seen before.

The production of tiles was so superb because the color used in these tiles was red which was tremendously difficult to produce as compared to other colors.

The work on the doors of Kundakeri design with which the doors were ornamented and the golden-plated ramparts up to a great height and roof in the entrance look so pretty that one cannot withstand its beauty.

The mosque contains one minaret and has a single dome centrally located and the dome is supported by four small domes. This mosque has 74 windows within the mosque. These small domes and the curves stand on the eight sided columns

This mosque also provides allied services such funeral SERVICE INCLUDING THE Namaz-e-Janaza, (prayers for the departed soul), their burial services, Taraweeh during the month of Ramadan. Similarly, Aitikaf is observed during the last ten days of Ramadan, when Muslims stay in the mosque till the sighting of the moon of “Shawwal” which marks the culmination of Ramadan, Friday and Eid Congregations.















Rustem Pasha Mosque Inside



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