Orta Juma Jami Mossque, bakhchisaray, Ukraine

This mosque is located in the ancient area of bakhchisaray. It is one of the very first mosques in Crimea which was built in 1674. It is considered to be the main place where Friday congregations took place in the old days of 17th and 18th centuries. People used to gather for Friday prayers, Listen to sermon of the Imam, offer their Prayers in congregation and leave. This city was considered to be the administrative area of the Crimean rule.

This is unfortunate that proper care and maintenance was not taken of by the local people and this lead to vast destruction of this historic Muslim mosque. The Minarets were destroyed and the whole mosque was in a very bad shape. Not only this mosque was destroyed, but the buildings in the area were also destroyed. The people of the land woke up in 2012 and started gathering funds for the repair and reconstruction of the mosque. The rebuilding of the mosque was funded by the Turkish and the local people. Apart from the refurbishment of the mosque, people also contributed to the building of the structures around the mosque. The mosque’s minaret was built right from the scratch.

After reconstruction of the mosque in its new form, it again believed to be an important place where Muslim community gathers on Fridays and on other Muslim festivals to celebrate the day.

Many services are provided with respect to Muslims such as Burial services, funeral prayers, lectures on different topics in Islam, teaching small boys and girls the Holy Book QURAN, holding seminars, arrangement of Eid prayers both for ladies and gents.  This is also a place where people gather on the auspicious occasions where they meet the people of Muslim society.









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