Nuruosmaniye Mosque, Turkey

The construction of the mosque started in the 18th century. To be precise the groundbreaking ceremony of the mosque took place in 1748 by Sultan Mahmud I and it took seven years which means it was completed in 1755 during the rule of Sultan Oosman III. It is a characteristically a Baroque and Rococo pattern mosque which was very popular in those days. This mosque was conceived by the Greek Minority designer whose name was Simeon and the Turkish counterpart Mustafa Aga.

The courtyard of the mosque is semi-circular in design without any fountain for ablution. The mosque provides various taps of water for the ablution of the people attending the prayers.. The prayer hall has no pillars to support the roof of the hall but the designer has provided four huge semicircles open doors which support the roof.  The two minarets are built which has two galleries each. The diameter of the arches is 25 meters and the height is 43 meters.

The walls of the mosque are adorned with the help of tiles and other artistic work, while the tops of the minarets are ornamented with hemispheric ally shaped shining stones. Similar work was carried out on the arches and the Minber from where the IMAM delivers the SERMON for Friday prayers. There are many windows tastefully decorated which gives a lot of light inside the hall and this is one of the reasons why this mosque has been named Nuruosmaniye mosque meaning “Light of Oosman”.

The complex has a big library throng with documents most of which are owned by the Sultan. This library is restricted for researchers and that too with the extraordinary authorization. The complex also has tomb where the Sultan’s mother was buried.

















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