Mufti Jami Mosque, Feodosia, Ukraine

The building of the mosque began in 1623 and was completed in 1637.It is designed in the form of Ottoman Style. After Crimea was given under the Russian Control, the mosque was converted into Catholic Church. In 1975, Muslims regained control of the mosque. The restoration of the activities started as late as 1998 and still the control of the mosque is in the hands of the Muslims.

Feodosia is a small urban area with a small population of 69500 people living in this small town.  It is  unclear whether this territory belongs to Russia or Ukraine. It is situated in the city of Crimea and is a place where people come to spend their holidays and enjoy life and an important port on the shore of Black Sea. This small town is the managerial headquarters of Feodosia borough.

This city was discovered in the 6th century BC and is an important agricultural area because the economy of this place relies on cultivation. This small town was also dominated by the Mongols, as rest of Crimea in the 1230s.

The city of Feodosia was captured by the Nazi forces during the Second World War causing lot of loss to this city during the battle of the Second World War.  The period between 1991 and February 2014 it was an autonomous Republic of Crimea still remaining the part of Ukraine. From March 2014 till to date it is undecided whether it is in Russia or Ukraine as it is presently in the administrative control of Russia.












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