Mosque of Sheikh Ibrahim Al Ibrahim, Venezeula

The population of Muslims in Venezuela is only 0.4% of the total population yet their voice is heard by the authorities and hold good influence over the other people around them. The mosque in Caracas built with a medium sized dome and the minaret which is 113 meters high; stand in the city as a landmark in the town where Muslim population is only 15,000.  This mosque is considered to be the unique structure in a place where there is small number of Muslims reside.

The Octagonal prayer hall which can be reached by climbing the stairs built on a platform looks extremely attractive when visited by the tourists.

The location of the mosque is in the area of El Recreo in Caracas, It is famous in the area by the name Ibrahim Ibin Abdul Aziz Al Ibrahim. The construction of this mosque was started in 1988 and took five years to complete which meant that it was ready in 1993. The foundation of the mosque was laid on the request of Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Ibrahim Al Ibrahim. The mosque has, therefore, been named after this Shaikh.

This mosque is considered to be the second major mosque in Latin America. The person who was appointed to develop the outlay of the mosque was Zuhe Fayez. He also supervised its construction. The mosque contains one steeple which is 113 meters in height. The area of the mosque is 5,000 square meters and it can take up 3.500 people at one time for the prayers in congregation. This minaret is also the highest one Anglo American area. The largest mosque in the area is King Fahd Mosque.

The Muslim population in Venezuela is estimated to be 100,000 out of total Venezuelan population of about 25 million.







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