Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, Istanbul,Turkey

This is the most beautiful mosque in Istanbul which was planned by the famous designer in the Ottoman period whose name was Mimar Sinan. This mosque is located in the Istanbul city approximately 3 miles away from the coast of Europe in Turkey. This mosque was built in the memory of the favorite daughter of the ruler Sulyman. The name of this favorite daughter was Princess Mihrimah Sultan.

The construction of the mosque started in 1562 and was completed in 1565. The complex comprises of a school, Turkish style Hammam, shops and tombs, where members of the royal family were laid to rest.

The Turkish city of Istanbul has been hit twice by the earthquake once in 1766 and the second time in 1894 which had badly damaged the mosque complex. The mosque was rebuilt but the rest of the buildings, in the complex, were ignored for reconstruction.

The hall of the mosque is square in shape with a cupola on its top. The cupola is supported by four semicircle open doors. There are windows over the arches from where light enters the prayer hall and the hall is enlightened with the light that passes in the hall through these rows of windows

 The hall is lit with the sunlight and the hall appears more beautiful when the sunlight hits the inside decoration of the prayer hall.

The mosque was closed for years together for want of reconstruction which was necessitated due to earthquake, but luckily it is again open for the public. This time the mosque looks much more attractive than before.

The prayer hall has a dome right on top of it with 20meters diameter and 37 meters in height. The major portion of the hall is fitted with windows through which the sunlight enters the prayer hall. It is said that the hall of this mosque is full of sunlight than any other mosque that was built by SINAN. Some windows are decorated with tainted glasses

The courtyard of the mosque contains a huge fountain for the worshippers use. This fountain facilitates the worshippers to do ablution before offering prayers. The people enter the mosque from the gate that is decorated with granite and marble pillars.

The cupola of the mosque rests on strongholds which are built on the four sides of the cupola.












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