Masjid Agung Demak, Indonesia

Mosque is a place where all Muslims whether men or women, young or old boys or girls, gather to pray in the form of a congregation.  The prayers are led by  one person, who is usually appointed by the management of the mosque and is known as IMAM. The mosque is built in the area of Central Java and it dates back to the reign of Redan Patah during the 15th century. It is the belief of the people that the architect and the builder of this mosque was Sunan Kalijaga.

The mosque has been refurbished many times during this period, but it is said that most part of the mosque is still in the same condition when it was built. The mosques in the Middle East and other Arab countries are built with concrete material, but this is the mosque that has been constructed with wood. It is the tradition in the Indonesian mosques that they are mostly without dome and this mosque is supported by four columns made of teak wood.

The two entrance gates are made of wood with beautiful figures of flora, coronet, and vases. The walls of the mosque are made by specialists made of ceramics imported from Vietnam which portrays the Javanese wood figure and block designs. In most places, wood has been used as material in bringing up the structure of the mosque instead of clay.












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