Mashkhur Jusup Central Mosque, Kazakhstan

This is a small mosque in the center of the Turkish city of Pavlodar, Kazakhstan which has two prayer halls one for men and the other for women. The larger hall has a capacity of 1500 people (gents) and the other hall which is smaller in size can cater 300 women at one time. The area of the park in which the mosque is built is 6 hectors. The people can enter the mosque from three streets which are named Kutuzov, Krivenko, streets.

At one time the mosque can take up to 10,000 Muslims for prayers. The construction of the mosque started in 2009 and was completed and opened for Muslims to start praying in 2012 at the time of Zuhr Prayers. The Minaret is 77 meters high and the dome which considered being the biggest in town is 51 meters high and the width of the dome stands at 28.1 meters.

This mosque is the classic example of Islamic architecture. Kazakhstan was a part of Russia till the time Russia split in to several countries. Kazakhstan is a Muslim country with over 70% of its population is Sunni Muslims. There is no doubt there are other minority groups such as Ahmedis who have been declared non- Muslims by majority of the countries in the world.

The mosque has four minarets on the four corners of the outer skirts of the mosque. The minarets are brownish yellow from the bottom to the top built of marble and the top notch is built with beautifully designed blue marble.

The mosque is surrounded by trees all around with a lot of parking space. The prayer halls are laden with beautifully designed carpets.


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