Markazi Mosque, Dewsbury, England

This is the Biggest and the main mosque in Dewsbury, Yorkshire. It is considered to the largest mosque in the United Kingdom with a capacity to hold 4,000 worshippers at any one time. It also considered being the only mosque in the United Kingdom where more than one activity takes place for the Muslim brothers and sisters. The construction of the mosque began in 1978

This houses the main secretariat of the Tabilighi Jamaat and also has a school where Islamic education is imparted on boys and girls, old and young alike. All the activities of the Tablighi Jamaat are planned and controlled for the whole of Europe from this office. It also has an institution where Islam is taught.

The services at this mosque include lectures, five time prayers, discussions, Annual gathering. Tabilghi groups of 10 persons are organized who visit different areas to deliver the message of Islam to both Muslims and Non Muslims and convince non-Muslims to adopt Islam as a religion.  Some people are also invited to attend short lectures on the teaching of Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) so that they can understand Islam and its teachings. The Institute working at this mosque has also produced scholars, who after graduating from the school, preach and convey the message of GOD to other people and also serve the institute at teachers.










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