Manchester Central Mosque, England

A building was purchased by the students of Manchester University for British Pound 2,250 in 1948, for the conversion and construction of the mosque. Previous to this period, the students at the University celebrated their Religious festival at a local restaurant near the BBC office building. The Muslim community had an association by the name Jamiat ul Muslimin who had 500 pounds in their account. The remaining amount was donated by the memon community from Pakistan. Notably among them were Mr. Ahmed Dawood, Mr. Hanif and Mr. Ismail. The balance of the amount was collected from the Muslim society.

The address of the mosque is 22, Upper Park road, Victoria Park, Manchester. The amount that was available with the association was spent on building three rooms, one for prayers, the other for meetings and the last and the third for sports.

The Friday prayers were usually attended by 10 to 15 Muslims. First Eid congregation took place in which 50 Muslim, Hindus and Sikhs participated and at this point of time food was also provided. The community came up with the suggestion to build a bigger mosque in December 1968. A Syrian Muslim brother gifted his detached house next to the mosque in 1970. The fund raising started and an architect was selected. The two houses working as a mosque were demolished in 1971, and the new mosque was constructed. The community made changes as the timer past by and the needs arose.










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