Malmö Mosque

This mosque is under the control of an Islamic group which looks after the maintenance and other matters of the mosque and is known as “The organization of Islamic Center”. It is said that this mosque is the second of the two oldest mosques in Sweden which was declared open on 20th April 1984. The mosque is in the vicinity of Jagersro Villastad in Malmo.

The construction in the mosque’s complex was completely destroyed by the fire that took place as a result of violence on the mosque and the Islamic Center which took place on 28th April, 2003.

The council of the town was generous enough to allocate a plot of land measuring 32,000 meters for the Islamic Center and the mosque. The idea of building the mosque was initialized in the early 1960s, but the plan could not be finalized until 1970. The person behind this project was Bejzat Becirov, who commanded full authority till 2013.

The attack in 2003 which destroyed the complex was rebuilt at a cost of 17 million Swedish kroner. This was not the end of anti-Muslim activities in Sweden. Other two smaller occurrences took place in 2005, but the repair cost was 10 million Swedish Kroners.

The capacity of the mosque is insufficient to cope with the Muslims attending the prayers. It is estimated that about 1,000 Muslims attend the Friday prayers not only from the local area but also from the adjoining places. It is well understood that over 70,000 Muslims visit the mosque annually.

The school began its teaching session in 2000 and its education syllabi are based on the Swedish standards, but with an Islamic direction. The quantum of registered students is presently 227.

There is a body in Libya which has been handed over the financial and other administrative control of the Malmo mosque which is known as World Islamic Call Society. This call society was formed by the former Libyan dictator colonel Qaddafi. Although sanctions have been imposed on the Libyan government, but there are no signs of any effect on the Malmo mosque. The administrative head of the mosque in Malmo is confident that there would be no repercussions on the mosque’s affairs even in the future.

The mosque’s ownership was taken over by the Libyan organization at the time when the mosque was in financial turmoil, the Libyan organization helped the mosque by providing funds to the mosque to run its affairs.












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