Madina Mosque, Horsham, West Sussex, England

This is the central mosque in the Sussex County. It is located in the town of Horsham which is a major business place. It is easy for people to reach the mosque for daily five time prayers. This mosque is located conveniently for the people who live in nearby villages and towns.

It was converted into the mosque in 2008. Previously this was a church which was later transformed into a commercial place. Finally the Muslim community succeeded in acquiring this place after a long search for the permanent mosque where Muslims can offers their religious rites freely.

The mosque is a small one with the capacity of only 200 worshippers at one time. The most convenient thing about the mosque is that it is situated only 1.5 miles away from all rail stations.   It is a deobandi mosque with Gujrati speaking management.

 The Muslims in this small city have faced lots of obstructions in getting the permanent place for performing their religious right at one place. They faced this problem from 1994, but finally succeeded in getting the place for making a small mosque.




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