Luhansk Cathedral Mosque, Ukraine

This mosque is based in the city which is named Luhansk and the name of the country is said to be, Ukraine. Formerly this country was a part of Russia, but after the formation of Central Asian Countries, it has become an independent country with no more interference of Russian rule.

The population of this country is nationals living in the same place even when this country was under the jurisdiction of the former Russian state. Presently people living in this area had come to settle in Ukraine when it was a part of Russia. They moved here to find jobs in this part of the country. They were lucky to find the jobs in the field of mining and other manufacturing industries. it is said that the number has increased to 400,000 during this period. The Muslims male and female population had their own educational institutions and mosques where they spent their time in the natural activities.

During the invasion of Soviet Union of this place, these institutions were closed down leaving no place for the Muslims to offer prayers and educate their young ones according to the teachings of Islam.

It was in the 1980’s and 1990’s, after getting independence from Russia, that the different communities including Muslims were free to adopt the way of life according to their own belief in the field of religion, culture and social  life. During this period people of all religions found themselves free to establish mosques and educational institutions according to their own religion.

The mosques under question were set up in May 2010. The mosque has a sports room in the basement of the building with classrooms, a library and the office on the ground floor.  There is also a small kitchen located in the basement.

The hall of the mosque can accommodate around 500 worshippers at one time. It has one minaret which stands at a height of 25 meters from the base.

The mosque was declared open in May 2010. The building is a double storied building with basement providing sporting facilities and cafeteria. Whereas the ground floor has a reading room, classes and the administrative facility

There is a separate prayer hall specially design for the Muslim women, where they can offer prayers. This hall is decorated with colorful arches painted in golden margins.












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