London Central Mosque, England

This mosque is located in proper London in the region of Regent Park, a very famous area in England especially in London. It was built in 1976, considered to the one of the oldest mosques in England. It has a beautiful Dome in golden color the mosque can hold 5,000 people at any one time with women praying in the Balcony from where they can see the main hall. The mosques around the world take care that men praying in the main hall of the mosque cannot see the women praying in most cases in the balcony or a hall located on the first floor.

This mosque’s main hall has a beautiful carpet and there is very little furniture in order to provide more space for the people to offer their prayers.

The unique feature of this mosque is that it has a cultural centre next door with many facilities including a book shop and a restaurant serving the visitors with HALAL food.  The land of this mosque was gifted in 1944 to the Muslim people living in Britain by the then King of England King George Vi as gesture of goodwill for the Muslim in response to the land given by King Farouq in Egypt and Sudan  to allow the construction of a church for the Christian people living there.












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