Leeds Grand Mosque, England

Leeds grand mosque was converted into a mosque in 1994 which was previously a church.  This church was purchased from the funding provided by one person from the United Arab Emirates, whose name was Saif Bin Mohammad Bin Nahyyan. This is the biggest mosque in Leeds situated at 9, Woodslay Road, Hyde Park, Leeds

The Friday prayers are held regularly with 500 to 600 persons attending the congregation. The Khudba (Sermon) is delivered in Arabic language which is then translated into English, for people to understand what had been said for people who do not understand Arabic Language.

 Since the mosque was converted from church to the mosque with the funding of an Arab individual, therefore this mosque is basically based on the Salafi school of thought, and not on Deobandi belief

Since Ramadan is the most lively, active, exciting month in the life of a Muslim, therefore the management of the mosque arranges Quran competition, holds Quran classes for the Muslims, so that the Muslims know what has been narrated in the Quran. In this way they can practice their religion in a better manner. This also gives an opportunity to Muslims to meets their Muslim brothers and sisters, whom they could not meet the whole year.

The winners of the Quran competition are also awarded prizes to encourage them to take more and more part in such activities. The management also makes arrangement for QIYAM UL LAIL (Night Prayers) during the month of Ramadan and also special prayers during the last ten days of Ramadan which is called AITAKAF

There are other services which are offered cat this mosque, such as funeral prayers for Muslims who have passed away from this world. There is no compulsion that the funeral prayers are led by the Imam of the mosque, as it is a right given by the Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon Him) that it is better for one of family members to lead the funeral prayers.








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