Laleli Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

The place where this mosque is built is known as Laleli, Fatih, Istanbul in Turkey. This mosque was ordered by Sultan Mustafa III during the years 1760 to 1763. The design of the mosque was prepared by the Turkish architect Mehmet Tahir Aga,, which resembles the plans that were common to those of the Divan rule

The mosque was vastly damaged by fire immediately after its completion in 1773 but was rebuilt soon after. The fire again destroyed the mosque in 1911 and the construction of the street further destroyed the secondary buildings.

The mosque is constructed on the high platform.  On the sides of the mosque are shops. The purpose of building these shops was to rent them out to the public and the rent so received would be utilized in the maintenance of the mosque. The basement of the mosque contained a great hall with the spout in the middle. The basement is supported by eight lofty columns.

The courtyard of the mosque is situated in the northwest of the mosque which is rectangular in shape and the size of the courtyard is almost twice the size of the prayer hall. This courtyard has an unceasing cloister which is supported by 18 hemispherical inlets. The mosque is built of Brickwork with massive erection. The dome of the mosque is supported by 8 sided enormous pillars. The mosque has two minarets on either side of the courtyard. The height of the dome is 24.5 meters. The diameter of the dome is 12.5 meters.

The walls of the mosque inside are ornamented with beautifully fixed Marbles in red, brown, yellow and blue colored marbles which has designs of vegetables in it. The interior of the mosque is fitted with numerous colored lights and the interior of the mosque has many windows of white and blemished window panes which allow fresh air and light to pass into the prayer hall so that suffocation may be avoided.












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