Kocatepe Mosque, Ankara, Turkey

The plan of this mosque was conceived in the first half of the 20th century around 1940. But due to certain undecided matters the construction of this mosque was delayed. Finally the mosque’s construction began in 1967 and it took 20 years before it was completed.

This is considered to be the biggest mosque built during the late 20th century in the Turkish capital Ankara after Sabancı Merkez Camii which was built in late 90s. The Kocatepe Mosque is situated in Ankara at a place which adds to the beauty and glamour of the Turkish headquarters, Ankara. The most fascinating thing about this mosque is that it can be seen from any quarters of central Ankara.

The plan of the mosque was drawn in 1944 by the then incharge of the Ministry of Religious affairs and architects were invited to submit their drawing for the approval of building the mosque.  Regrettably none of the drawings could be approved because they lacked the idea which was in the minds of the organizers.

The project was again taken up during the rule of the then Prime Minister Adnan Manderes who had allotted the piece of land for the mosque and once again architects were invited to put forward their designs. This time one design was approved which was the joint effort of Vedat Dalokay and Nejat Tekelioğlu, for building the mosque.

Again on the criticism of the opposition parties, the construction was sabotaged because the opposition took the plea that the design of the mosque was most modern. One of the joint designers Vedat Dalokay made some changes in the design of the mosque. Vedat Dalokay won an international prize for designing the Faisal Mosque at Islamabad.

The third and final design competition took place which was given by Hüsrev Tayla and M. Fatin Uluengin, which was finally approved and the mosque was completed in 1987. The mosque reflects the architectural beauty of the period of Ottoman Rule.

There is a place for 24,000 people to offer prayers at one time.  The length and width of the mosque is 67 meters and 64 meters respectively. The height of the dome is 48.5 meters from outside while the outer diameter of the dome is 25.5 meters. The total minarets of the mosque are 4 in number and the height of each minaret is 88 meters

 There are many steps to climb before you reach the courtyard of the mosque. The courtyard is fully built of beautifully fixed marbles and the size of the place is 100 meters in length and about 50meters in depth.

The windows inside the mosque are of blemished glasses attractively fixed in the window panes. The dome of the mosque stands on four huge pillars which are very strong and the diameter of each pillar unknown.

The mosque has been fitted with marvelous design of tiles and marbles. The full floor of the mosque is covered with Gorgeous Turkish carpets. The doors and windows are made in the style of the Ottoman Rule. They give a unique look and the mosque stands out as one of the most attractive piece of architectural work. People come from different countries to visit the mosques in Turkey especially in the capital city of Ankara.












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