Kharkiv Cathedral Mosque, Ukraine Or Khavidrali Mosque

The city of Kharkiv in Ukraine is found in the north-east of the country and this city is the second biggest city of the country. Kharkiv is considered to be the first city which showed allegiance to the Russian domain in December 1917. This recognition led the Russians make this city the first headquarters of the Soviet Russia. This remained the capital city till 1935. After 1935 the principal seat of Russia was transferred to Kiev.

Kharkiv is the largest city with major educational institutions, transport industry, manufacturing industry, cultural centre and scientific bodies based here. This city is well recognized for the production capital goods, that is machinery and electronic items. The city has a few multinational companies busy in making troposphere, nuclear-powered electronic items and turbo atom machine powered rotating blades

The climate of Kharkiv is damp, but pleasant. The weather is neither very unfriendly in winter nor too warm in summer.

Principally this mosque was initially built about more than 100 years in early 20th century. The Muslim society in Kharkiv was in need of a permanent place where they could gather on Fridays for Friday prayers, offer Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Azha prayers together and celebrate their main Islamic festivals including get together in one place. This place is at the bank of river Lopan in kharkiv, Ukraine.

This mosque was built to fulfill the needs of the Muslims living in Kharkiv. Regrettably, the mosque was ruined by the Russians in 1936 taking the plea that the current of river water was being disordered.

As the Muslims of Russia living in Kharkiv, Ukraine got the chance after securing indepenance from Russia, they again started making efforts to shape the mosque at the same original site where it was built in early 20th century.

The spot of this mosque originally was the same one where it was built in 2006.












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