Kebir-Jami Mosque, Simferopol

This mosque was designed in 1508 by the architect whose name was Abdurrehman –bek-Ali and was renovated in 1991. It is a small mosque with the capacity of 200 people to worship at one time,. The mosque was refurbished in 1991 by the designer named Abdurakhmanov and S. Khalilov.  This is considered to be the ancient mosque in the city of Simferopol, Crimean and it is still considered the focal point for the Muslims where people still gather in large numbers to offer their Sacred duty, that is to offer prayers.

The mosque was built in 914 Hijri. At the entrance of the mosque, there is written a prayer which appeals to GOD, THE ALMIGHTY, to forgive all the bad deeds of the family members of the architect of the mosque and those who contributed financially and those who took physical part in its building.

This mosque is built with white stone and since 1508 it has been refurbished many times over the years. This shows that the mosque has been well maintained and well looked after.

After the Second World War, this mosque was neglected and it remained in this state for several years, when the people of the area returned to their homes, the mosque was again put at the disposal of the Muslims in 1989 and the mosque was restructured in 1991.

This Kebit Jami Mosque is the main mosque where Friday prayers are regularly offered. The ground adjacent to this mosque has an Islamic Education Centre (usually known as Madrasa) and a library.

The length and width of the mosque is 18 and 14 meters respectively. The mosque has one Dome and one minaqret.









Stitched Panorama





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