Juma Masjid Mosque, Durban

Two persons in South African city of Durban bought a piece of land in 1881 for pounds 115 from the owner of this land. The names of these two people were Aboobaker Ahod Jhaveri and Hajee Mohammad. The original owner was K Munsamy. The land is located in Gray Street of Durban.

 This piece of land had a small building which was renovated and converted into a mosque. After some time the adjoining land was acquired to expand the mosque which stands today as Juma mosque I Gray street of Durban. The unique feature of this mosque is that it is the first mosque in Durban that was built and also the largest one in the region.

In the early days it could accommodate 200 worshippers and presently its capacity is increased to over 8000 worshippers at one time. Every Friday over thousands of Muslims offer their Friday prayers in this mosque. The street where this mosque is located is now renamed as Dr. Yusuf Dadoo Street. The construction of  the mosque commenced in 1880 which took 50 years to complete which means that the mosque was completed in 1930. This mosque is also known as Grey Street Mosque. The mosque comprises of a series of buildings

The administration decided to build a Girls school next to the mosque. For this purpose the construction near the mosque were demolished. The mosque was rebuilt in 1927 under the design and supervision of Payne and Payne, the architects. The construction of this mosque is a splendid work depicting the Muslim Culture combined with lingo fashion.

The mosque is connected with the bridge which lands on the roof of the school. This roof serves as a dual purpose both for offering prayers, as the need arises and secondly for the girls to play. This is also used as a playground, because there is no space in the school area for the girls to play.









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